Senator Dush Shares His Views on the January 6 Events in Washington, D.C.

(HARRISBURG) – Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush (R-25) issued the following statement in response to the January 6 events in Washington, D.C.:

              “My experiences in the military and as a first responder have taught me a key lesson – first reports are rarely accurate and often murky at best.  As an elected leader in Pennsylvania, it would be unwise for me to draw too many conclusions after such a short time post events.  There is still much to understand.  Therefore, I will limit my remarks on the actions in the Capitol yesterday.  But, let me be clear:

“My position on the Rule of Law still stands.  Law and order are paramount.

“On this foundation, it appears two unlawful acts took place.  One happened I know for certain in detail – that was the unlawful and unconstitutional certification of Pennsylvania Electoral College Electors by the U.S. Congress.  There is significant and irrefutable public evidence that acts were committed in violation of the Pennsylvania Election Code.  Subsequently, anyone who supports a Pennsylvania election certification without further investigation or without the participation of the Pennsylvania Legislature would potentially be committing a further unlawful act.

“The second unlawful act is more uncertain in its scope with regards to who may have been involved, and what exact laws were broken.  With the security video and other videos and testimony that will come out in the near future it is my hope that those who broke the law will be found out and held accountable.  We are far from understanding the full picture of what actually took place with the crowds at the U.S. Capitol Building.

“Due to supporting law and order, I do not support yesterday’s entrance into the Capitol Building in any way.  It was wrong and should not have happened.  I also believe there is more to the story to be determined.  No elected Republican official I’m aware of has advocated for violence.

“Yes, I do condemn the entrance into the Capitol Building yesterday.  However, my fellow citizens, let’s see what else is discovered in the course of the investigation to find out the full extent of unlawful acts that were committed yesterday.  And lastly, do not allow the media to use this to divert all your attention away from what happened afterward concerning the election and how it poses an existential threat to our electoral process.”


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