Senator Cris Dush: Bill to Amend “No Bid Law” Passes in Senate

HARRISBURG – Senator Cris Dush (R-25) today announced the passing of his bill, Senate Bill 478. It amends Pennsylvania’s No Bid Law (Act 78 of 1979) to authorize political subdivisions, municipality authorities, and transportation authorities to enter contracts for services when two consecutive advertisements fail to induce bids. Senate Bill 478 is a product of the bipartisan, bicameral Local Government Commission.

Currently, the law only includes this provision for the purchase of goods and the sale of real property, leaving local governments and authorities with no good option if they do not receive an acceptable bid for services.

“My legislation offers municipalities and authorities a commonsense solution to a frustrating problem,” Senator Dush stated. “No local government should have to postpone a project or go without necessary services due to a lack of bids”.

Dush’s bill allows a municipality or authority to enter contract negotiations for services if no bids are received within fifteen days of the second advertisement. To ensure transparency, the bill requires the municipality or authority to publicly announce the identity of the contracting parties, the proposed contract price, and a summary of the contract terms and conditions at a public meeting.

Senate Bill 478 is Dush’s first prime-sponsored bill as a senator.




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