Sen. Dush: Municipal Authority Bill Amendment Passed through Committee

HARRISBURG – Senator Cris Dush (R-25) announced today the passage of House Bill 957, sponsored by Representative Dan Moul (R-91), through the Local Government Committee, in which Sen. Dush chairs.

House Bill 957 amends the Municipality Authorities Act to allow the owner of a residential property with multiple units served by a single meter to request a bill adjustment by the authority if it is determined that the amount billed exceeds the actual usage by thirty-percent or more. An owner requesting the rate adjustment must provide a minimum of five consecutive years of actual usage data as verification. If the evidence provided by the owner displays a needed adjustment, the authority must modify the billing to reflect accurate usage and utilize the adjusted rate going forward. The residential owner is unable to request another adjustment for five years if an adjustment was granted.

“First, I would like to thank Sen. Dush for moving this bill out of his committee,” Rep. Moul stated. “My bill will go a long way to treating some of the poorest people in our communities fairly so that they are charged based on what they use.” Moul worked with the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association to reach a compromise.

“House Bill 957 is an example of what can be achieved when lawmakers and stakeholders work together,” Sen. Dush stated. “This bill is a good compromise to help customers without overly burdening our municipal authorities.”


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