Senator Dush Issues Statement Supporting Tioga County Commissioners and Forensic Investigation

“For those of you who don’t know, the Tioga County Commissioners are getting numerous death threats since receiving a letter from State Senator Mastriano requesting election materials.  I am outraged at the behavior of those who claim to be in support of the audit process but are seeming to do everything they can to undermine it and the rule of law. To be clear, I am working in support of an audit to ensure the security and sanctity of our election are being preserved.

“The Tioga County Commissioners have been cooperative with me and are willing to help us to ensure the Senate can determine what occurred during the elections of November 2020 and May of 2021.

“The recent guidance put out by the PA Secretary of State places Tioga County in both legal and financial jeopardy if election materials are handed over at this time – specifically the county’s voting machines.  Consequently, the Tioga County Commissioners decided not to turn over election materials to Senator Mastriano.  Their rationale was based on the oath they took that dictates following the rule of law and their desire to protect the county’s residents from a potential $1.3 million bill for new machines. 

“I agree with and support the County Commissioners’ decision to not release the election materials at this time and in this manner.  Additionally, I have full confidence that the elections in Tioga County were run exceptionally well and no one who works for the county is attempting to hide anything.  

“I am working diligently with Senate Leadership to both protect Tioga County and to ensure we look at the integrity of Pennsylvania elections.  I believe we are close to a solution that respects the rule of law, protects Tioga County, and will allow us to protect our election system. 

“Therefore, in the strongest terms, I condemn anyone who makes death threats and other acts of intimidation against the Tioga County Commissioners or the employees of the county.  This is not the appropriate way to voice your concern.   Further, I encourage law enforcement to investigate these threats and to take appropriate action.”

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