Dush Releases Statement on Mask Mandate

HARRISBURG – Sen. Cris Dush (R-25) released today the following statement regarding the universal masking mandate.

“On August 31, the Pennsylvania Department of Health issued an order mandating a universal masking requirement for all children attending schools in the Commonwealth.  Additionally, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has informed at least some school districts that failure to comply with this order could result in legal liability and financial penalties for each school board member, possibly void a school district’s insurance protection, and would be referred to the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights for civil rights violations.

“I believe these actions are nothing less than acts of official repression and an egregious regulatory overreach.  These actions are rooted more in perception than the reality, in intent more than law, and are designed to give the appearance to addressing a problem by mitigation efforts that, in the past, did not mandate governmental action.

“In view of the threats for noncompliance facing your school districts, I am asking all parents to understand the situation of their school boards as they try to sort through the conflicting guidance and legal issues that the Wolf Administration has forced upon them.  Until these are resolved, please work with your respective school districts as they take the actions, amid these trying circumstances, to ensure the continued education of your children.”

CONTACT: Zachary Ankeny, zanckeny@pasen.gov

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