Dush Responds to Attorney General’s Lawsuit, Arizona Audit Report

HARRISBURG – Senator Cris Dush (R-Jefferson) issued the following statement today in reaction to the Attorney General’s lawsuit to prevent a review of recent elections, as well as a reaction to the release of Arizona’s election audit report:

“As a Commonwealth, we play no greater role in bringing strength to our nation than by celebrating our state’s independence through our voting process.  Protecting the integrity of Pennsylvanians’ election system is not only critical to the overall function of our country, but also secures Pennsylvania’s unique role as a state within the fabric of our nation by allowing Pennsylvanians to express our state’s culture, demographic, and geographic diversity through our voting process.  It is for these reasons that Pennsylvania and other states must have certainty in the oversight and integrity of their state’s voting system. 

“It is unfathomable to think Attorney General Shapiro showed little to no concern when the Democrat Auditor General requested similar information about voters in 2019 as part of his review of the SURE system, but he is pursuing litigation now. The purpose of our review is to find the flaws in the system and identify how to address them, and we cannot do that properly without access to the information we subpoenaed.”

CONTACT: Jason Thompson

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