Senator Dush’s Mini-Series of interviews on Human Trafficking – Joe Sweeney

Senator Dush introduced a three-pronged approach to dealing with Human Trafficking during the Anti-Human Trafficking conference at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in October 2022.  This approach includes communications/education of Human Trafficking, rescuing victims and restoration/reintegration of body and soul of survivors.  This requires both funding and the legislation to support these goals.

Since January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and therefore Senator Dush produced a series of interviews (four) that he will release, one per week, during January 2023.  Every Thursday, Senator Dush will have on his website a background discussion on Human Trafficking, a short bio of the Anti-Human Trafficking CEO that he is interviewing and a five-minute interview with this Human Trafficking expert.

This is the final interview in a series of four interviews with international experts in Human Trafficking.  Today, he is interviewing The Founder and CEO of The Asservo Project, Mr. Joe Sweeney.

Joe Sweeney
Founder & CEO
The Asservo Project

Joseph Sweeney serves as the Founder/CEO of The Asservo Project. For over 25 years, Mr. Sweeney has devoted himself to serving his country and community as a former SWAT Operator, Bomb Squad Commander, and U.S government Explosive Security Specialist.  While serving overseas for Anti-Terrorism programs, he had conversations with colleagues about child kidnapping and human trafficking.  Once aware of the size and scope of this epidemic and the lack of effort to combat it, he felt he had to do something to help these people and, consequently, The Asservo Project was formed.

We provide resources to assist Law Enforcement, conduct awareness seminars, and build relationships with global organizations.

For suspected human trafficking / child exploitation, please contact our Tipline at 877-SAVE994.

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