Senator Dush’s Series of Interviews on Human Trafficking – Jason Burtt

As you may know, January is the month where we focus on International Human Trafficking Awareness, and January 11th is selected for International Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Senator Cris Dush works with many international and state renown organizations that have been fighting Human Trafficking for years.  His recently enacted legislation, Pennsylvania Act 39, depicts his desire to improve victim support and provide the legislation necessary for law enforcement and social services to better assist those who have been trafficked.  Furthermore, Senator Dush’s background in law enforcement has allowed him to effectively fight those who are responsible for trafficking innocent children throughout the years.  Act 39, signed into law by Governor Shapiro in December 2023,  allows victims to now receive social services without having to identify (for whatever reason) their traffickers, protecting victims and helping them to receive assistance and move away from this deadly environment.

In recognition of this important month, Senator Dush will be presenting short synopses of interviews he recently completed with not only victims of Human Trafficking, but also benchmark organizations that are currently fighting Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania and around the world.

Below is his schedule of interviews for January 2024:

Interview Schedule

Today, Senator Dush will be interviewing:

Jason Burtt

Board of Directors
The Asservo Project

Jason Burtt is a Senior Major Gifts Officer at Grove City College whose primary role is to cultivate and steward significant philanthropic relationships that result in transformational impact. Jason is also the Founder/CEO of Unaltered Ministries (UNA)- an organization whose mission is ‘to lead others to fullness of life through God’s unaltered design.’ UNA launched in 2019 out of an expansion and re-visioning of a ministry formerly called Silver Ring Thing- a worldwide movement that challenged a generation of teens to live with sexual integrity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jason’s leadership was catalytic to executing more than 1,400 events worldwide, reaching nearly 750,000 attendees. Jason has appeared on 60 Minutes, MTV, The BBC and other media outlets and channels. He is a regularly sought-after speaker and presenter for various conferences and events. Jason is also the founder of the Three Rivers Initiative, a growing strategic agenda to ‘unite the body of Christ to be the Church and build the Kingdom in Pittsburgh and beyond.’ Jason is husband to Heidi, his bride of 18+ years, and father of four children, Isaac, Avery, Micah, and Levi.

For more information, the complete interviews can be viewed here.

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