Dush, Smith Announce $68,100 to Cover Hazardous Dam Removal from Callen Run

HARRISBURG – Sen. Cris Dush (R-25) and Rep. Brian Smith (R-66) announced today that $68,117 in Watershed Restoration and Protection funding has been secured for a Heath Township, Jefferson County project to remove a hazardous dam from Callen Run.

“From pristine streams and our enduring fishing heritage to outstanding boating and camping options, some of the best things about our region are the wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities we have to enjoy, and that should never be taken for granted,” said Dush. “Covering the cost of removing this dam from Callen Run is extremely important to maintaining this family-friendly recreational asset for current and future generations.”

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will apply this funding to cover the cost of removing the failing 108-year-old dam from Callen Run per the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Protection. The low head dam poses a safety hazard with failing infrastructure and cracks in the breastwork. The dam is also an aquatic life barrier in this high-quality, cold-water fishery, and no longer serves its intended purpose of a cooling pond for the (demolished) Heath Pump Station.

“Thanks in part to this funding, 10 species of fish will once again be able to access nearly seven miles of Callen Run and its tributaries,” said Smith. “In addition to more access, this project will also work to limit flood risk. It’s easy to support a project that’s better for both the residents and our environment.”

The project will specifically consist of removing upstream sediment, dam removal, installation of streambank stabilization structures, and erosion and sediment controls.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority approved the Callen Run dam removal project on Jan. 16 through the Watershed Restoration and Protection program, which is funded by natural gas impact fees authorized under Act 13 of 2012.

CONTACT:  Ty McCauslin, Communications Director at 717-787-7084 or tmccauslin@pasen.gov.

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