Dush Credits ‘Top Gun’ Citizen Engagement for Grounding Proposed PA Wilds Military Flyover Zone

HARRISBURG – Reflecting on the chain of events that led to the Air Force and National Guard Bureau scrapping plans to establish a military flyover training zone in the Pennsylvania Wilds region, Sen. Cris Dush (R-25) is urging citizens to credit themselves for exercising their fundamental Constitutional right to petition their government. 

In this case, “We the People” successfully stopped a proposed government initiative that would have been detrimental to the PA Wilds region.

“Although we may never know the actual reasons behind last week’s cancellation announcement, I can accurately identify the major catalyst for victory in preserving the PA Wilds as a non-military flyover zone,” said Dush. “Without question, the lion’s share of the credit belongs to the ‘Top Gun’ citizen engagement effectively exercised by the people I represent.”     

Last May, Dush, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Airforce and the PA Air National Guard, voiced his opposition in a letter formally calling on Brig. Gen. Jori A. Robinson, 175th Wing Commander, Maryland Air National Guard (ANG) to conduct a full environmental impact study (EIS) on the proposed Duke Military Operations Area (MOA) over the Pennsylvania Wilds conservation and recreation area.

Clinton County and surrounding Cameron, Potter, Tioga, Elk, and McKean counties – all part of the Pennsylvania Wilds region – were in the crosshairs of the proposed MOA to conduct low-altitude military training.

“Although I am the first to support our military, this is a situation where I do not believe the 175th Wing had done its due diligence in looking at the regional impact of the proposal or possible alternatives for low-level flight training,” said Dush. “Last Friday’s cancellation announcement is proof positive evidence that the necessary vigilance and due diligence came directly from ‘We the People.’”

Dush applauded the citizens and local leaders of the Pennsylvania Wilds region and surrounding areas for making the most of their opportunities to publicly comment on what form of government, in this case, military flight training, they would willingly accept.

“While other forms of government have relied on the use of force for a dictator or totalitarian organization to make subjects of the people, constitutional republics such as ours are firmly grounded on a written declaration of ‘We the People,” said Dush. “Regardless of the public policy issue at hand, this timeless, three-word phrase remains foundational to America’s unrivaled, government-limiting franchise and demonstrates the authority to govern is exclusively granted to the people.”  

CONTACT:  Ty McCauslin, Communications Director at 717-787-7084 or tmccauslin@pasen.gov.

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